Относительно недорогие СХД AXUS

Источник: AXUS


Model SATA 2U 8 bays SATA 3U 12 bays SATA 3U 16 bays


RAID Engine Intel i80321 64bit RISC CPU
RAID Levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 0+1, R30, R50, NonRAID, JBOD
Cache Support
(Write back)
Up to 1Gb with ECC 200pins DDR Memory
System Type Rack mountable
Host Interface Dual Ultra 320 SCSI Channels
Host Transfer Rate 320MB / Sec per channel
Disk Interface SATA 1.5Gbps
Disk Channel SATA 1.5Gb Disk Channels
LCD Display 2 Lines by 16 Characters
Hot Swap and redundant Yes (Power Supply, Drive and Fan).
Hot Spare Yes (Drive)
Battery Back-Up Module Optional, Support up to 72hrs battery back-up time (N.A.)
UART – LAN Window-Based GUI RAID manager designed for SCSI/FC host based RAID solutions. The OS-independent, cross-platform RAID management allows configuration and status monitoring via standard web browsers or host computers either directly connected to a LAN or WAN.
Array Management Support Yes.
Automatic Bad-Sector & Error Recovery Yes.
Automatic Drive Rebuilds Yes. Automatic Data rebuilds.
Audible Alarm, Pager and Fax Notification Yes. The Pager and Fax Notification have to connect a external modem.
Remote Terminal Configuration Yes. Through RS-232 emulation terminal.
Operating Systems O/S Independent and Transparent
Power Supply 700 watts Redundancy high quality power system, two 350 watts module with PFC function. Load sharing type and cable-less design 700+350 watts Redundancy high quality power system, three 350 watts module with PFC function. Load sharing type and cable-less design
Electrical AC Voltage 100-240 VACAc Frequency 47-63Hz
Temperature Operating Temperature : 5 to 35 degree C.Non Operating Temperature : -40 to 60 degree C.
Relative Humidity 20% to 80% non-condensing
Dimensions 445.4(W)*546(D)*2U(H) 446.4(W)*440.4(D)*3U(H)
Weight 19KG 28KG

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